A New Beginning…

Hello, my “pen” name is Dex. Roughly one year ago, I began writing audio drama reviews for a small independent web-zine called Suburban Conspiracy which (right now at least) is about whatever comes to our minds. Usually its things like gaming, comic books, anime or even our favorite recipes. What came to my mind was mostly audio dramas, which are more popularly known as radio dramas, even though they arn’t broadcast or produced on the radio anymore.

For that first year, we all wrote and posted our little hearts out. Along the way, our little website grew then shrank, and then grew again. At our one year anniversary, we decided that we needed to refocus and redesign the site. I hope to remain a part of “Sub Con” (as we affectionately call it) in whatever form it takes in the future, but with the major overhaul of the website, I now have an opportunity to do something I have wanted to do for a while… Strike out on my own with a website entirely devoted to modern audio drama.

So here I am, continuing my quest to bring “the latest and greatest” in audio drama to the masses. The focus will remain on modern audio drama actively being produced today. I may cover some of the classics of old time radio, but there’s a ton of new shows out there being made right now today, making audio drama a modern and active community of content creators and listeners. I’m here to let folks know that radio drama is far from dead, in fact it is being reborn right here on the internet and its all free.

In the near future I plan to focus and structure this website into a showcase of modern audio drama ranging from new “ear-opening” originals, to fan fiction.

Regular features will include “Coming Attractions…” a page dedicated completely to trailers and promos for new shows. So if your an audio producer send those promos in today!

The Reviews section will consist of an in-depth review of a single new show.  Most of these reviews will be from my column, “Have You Heard?…” over on Suburban Conspiracy. Things like audio quality, casting and a shows website will be discussed in depth.

In addition to reviews I hope to have “The Complete Morons Guide to Listening to Dramatic Podcasts“. This will be a discussion of the best equipment for listening, and troubleshooting guides, etc. Lots of Blogs and webpages cover how to produce audio drama, but how many recommend new shows and review those shows in-depth from a listeners point of view? This one will.

I hope you’ll join me.


5 responses to “A New Beginning…

  1. Hi Dex, Love the idea. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. dextrenchcoat

    Thanks Bella. Its going to take some time to set up shop but I am excited about the move!

  3. Good luck Dex, its a wide-open, fertile medium!

    Qapla’ Balth je’! Honour and success!

    Kirok of L’Stok

  4. Thank you Kirok. as you well know, there’s plenty more Star Trek audio out there. I plan to revisit it at some point in the near future, so I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about then.

  5. Musique Gable

    This is me leaving a comment! See how this works? hehehehe

    On a serious note, nice website. Look forward to seeing much more in the future. 🙂