A Work In Progress

Please pardon the dust and be sure to wear a hardhat, as I continue to build this site.

Currently in works:

Transferring all the Have You Heard reviews over here to their new home. Don’t worry my articles will still be viewable over at Suburban Conspiracy for as long as the site allows.

I am working on a logo (thanks to to some very generous help from a friend!) and possibly even changing the name of the site. Have no fear fans and friends, I am not going anywhere.  My web address will remain the same.

I am still looking into some plug-ins, etc for mp3’s so I can host  audio trailers for various shows.  The hope is that eventually I will have a “Promo of the Week” page. Whether it will actually update every week will of course depend upon availability and other factors.

I am also working on some ideas for increasing traffic to the site, but that will take time since I am learning as I go.

Come back in a couple of weeks, and you may be surprised at what you see…


One response to “A Work In Progress

  1. Hey check this radio review in the UK national press


    Then check this web-site


    There’s a little story building there and hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Cheers and looking for to the site launch…