Now Playing… April 19th 2010

One brand new series and four new episodes debut… TODAY!

Happy Listening…


Pendant Audio Debuts An Original Audio Series…

The Line – Episode 1 “Fides, Part 1”

A collision advances as Dee and Stephanie party and The Demon confronts Bishop Francis!


Recently Released on April 16, 2010 From Pendant Audio:

Once Upon A Time in Vegas – Chapter 29 “Wake Up Call”

Dangerous secrets are revealed as Chloe and Phillip are reunited and Teri is taken off life support!


Misfits Audio Presents:

Jim Nolan, PI – Episode 9 “A Killing in Real Estate”

“Jim Nolan is contemplating a major purchase: a first home for himself and his fiancée, Trudy Williams. But nothing ever goes as planned for our private eye..”


19 Nocturne Boulevard: The Big Dark

When all the world are vampires, suddenly it’s just not that glamorous any more.


The Season 1 Finale of “We’re Alive

We’re Alive – Chapter 12 “The War” Part 4 of 4

The Next Season of We’re Alive will debut in August 2010!


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