In The News – April 24, 2010

The 2010 Parsec Award Nominations Now Open

The Parsec Awards are focused on speculative fiction podcasting and as of April 19th, the nominations for this years Parsecs are open.

You… yes, *YOU* wearing the fuzzy pink slippers with your feet up on the computer desk!… Go nominate your favorite audio drama podcast, now!

“The Parsec Awards are accepting nominations for the best in speculative fiction podcasting from now until June 1st.”


Audio Drama In The Mainstream Press

Final Rune Productions finds itself on The Street… The Wall Street Journal!

Frederick Greenhalgh of Final Rune Productions, was the subject of a great article describing the kind of work that goes into modern audio drama production today. Find the Wall Street Journal article Here. Getting exposure like this, is a great thing. Articles in major newspapers get people noticing that not only is this type of thing still being made… but made well.

Congratulations Fred! If your a listener or reader who hasn’t heard any of Mr Greenhalgh’s work, check out Final Rune Productions and Radio Drama Revival, now!


Roger Ebert stands by for adventure with Decoder Ring Theater!

A sharp eyed fan of Decoder Ring Theater discovered a surprise while checking their Twitter feed. Noted Film Critic Roger Ebert apparently Twittered about (and probably listens to) Decoder Ring Theater home of The Red Panda, Masked Marvel of 1930’s Toronto and that hard boiled 1930’s gumshoe, Black Jack Justice!

Heres the Tweet. NOTE: You’ll probably need to be signed up with Twitter to see it.

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Gregg Taylor and all the hard working folks at Decoder Ring Theater. Way to go guys and thanks for the hours of entertainment over the years!



Can Audio Drama help make the world a better place?… Possibly.

If your a soldier stationed thousands of miles from home and facing long stretches boredom, hearing Audio Dramas from home might help. Maybe even alot. A group of audio drama producers has banded together to see if they can make a difference. The idea is simple: send 10,000 CDs containing hours of audio drama to help fill the long hours of boredom in the field, frequently experienced by our military men and women.

Its a small thing, and even a small donation will help… Wont you Donate Now?


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