In the News – May 10, 2010

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NEW! – Two new Trailers join Jake Sampson and the  Gods of War here at the Listening Post! Be sure to check out the latest teasers from The Byron Chronicles and The Leviathan Chronicles, both are featured in our Coming Attractions section!

TWITTER! – The Listening Post Twitter Feed has been updated. You can now follow us  on  Twitter @ThListeningPost and get up to the minuet audio drama news!

REVISED! – An updated review of  “Children of the Gods” – An epic sci-fi audio series from Deadweasel Studio! Find it in our Reviews section.


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Currently In Production

May 6, 2010

The Byron Chronicles – Eric Busby has confirmed that scripting and voice work has begun on the third season of Darker Projects: The Byron Chronicles. The Byron Chronicles is a modern fantasy serial set in the city of Portland Oregon, and has developed a large, devoted fan base over the course of two seasons.

Children of the Gods – Christopher Mack has resumed work on the  sci-fi serial Children of the Gods, after a long hiatus while he relocated Deadweasel Studio to sunny Las Vegas. The next Episode; Chapter 11: Gone to Ground, is fully scripted and casting is 75% complete while the voice work is 55% complete. Chapter 12: Dust to Dust is fully scripted as well, with several openings for new cast members.

Leviathan Chronicles – Christoph Laputka and Nobi Nakanishi have begun recording  the season finale of their show The Leviathan Chronicles. While Chapter 25 is the finale of season one,  it will also mark the relaunch of the shows website. Christoph and Nobi have assured fans that alot will be going on between now and the release of season two.


“We’re Alive” Zooms up the Zune Charts


Modern Myth Productions proudly announced via Facebook that their production “We’re Alive”; a story of survival in a zombie infested world, is burning up the charts on Zune. This fine audio drama production is now the fourth most downloaded podcast in the Zune Marketplace. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for this accomplishment!

Not only is this is a great achievement for Modern Myth Productions, its a great achievement for audio drama as a whole. Along with Decoder Ring Theatre’s notoriety on Twitter and Fred Greenhalgh’s Wall Street Journal article, it seems as though modern audio drama is slowly creeping into the mainstream consciousness. Is this wave of notoriety a sign of bigger things to come, or is it just another flash in the pan? We would love to hear what our readers have to say…


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