Now Playing… May 6, 2010

Now Playing this week…

First up, Giant Gnome Productions pulls the crew of Deep Space 3 “Worlds Apart”! Next, Bingo the Birthday Clown encounters a “Small Termination” at 19 Nocturne Boulevard and BrokenSea Audio brings brand new “OTR Swag” to the party!


BrokenSea Audio Presents New Audio Thursdays

May 6, 2010

OTR Swag Cast –

Season 2: Episode 14

Doc, Jack and Reggie are back again with Dead needing burying in Arizona! Join us for ep 3 TONIGHT!!!

Emma and John also pop in on a wee caper that should not be sneezed at!


Tonight— The dangers of Truck 13, Treasure and Betrayal on an island in the Caribbean, and Nazis who would be kings… What else but ESCAPE THURSDAY at the Swag Cast???


Wheeality Productions Presents:

Bingo the Birthday Clown #14 – “Small Termination”

Legs. Guns. More flashbacks. An end. A beginning.


Giant Gnome Productions Presents:

Star Trek: Outpost Episode 13 – “Worlds Apart”

The Pinch becomes the backdrop for a clash of wills and viewpoints as the Chimera is torn between continuing the search and rescue for Lt. Exler and following orders from Captain Buchanan.


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