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Broken Sea Audio brings Doctor Who to old Chicago in search of “The Medusa Orb”  and serves up a few surprises in SwagCast! Wheeality Productions makes Bingo The Birthday Clown squeeze into a black leather catsuit and do “The Mash”! Finally Darker Projects’ Batman ventures into “No Mans Land”!

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BrokenSea Audio Presents

New Audio Thursday

May 20, 2010

Doctor Who Season 3 Episode 4 – “The Medusa Orb”

“Chicago 1929. When two gangsters steal from the wrong shipment of illegal booze they find that all their golden dreams can come true. But at a terrible price.

The Doctor and Amanda must race against a ticking alien time bomb, and the creature determined to recover the Medusa Orb at any cost.”

OTR SwagCast: Season 2 – Episode 16


Doc, Jack and Reggie are back again with Dead needing burying in Arizona! Join us for ep 5 TONIGHT!!!

Emma and John pop over on a case which should not be sneezed at!


Tonight—Romance and Pulp adventure await with BOGART and BACALL in BOLD VENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wheeality Productions Presents

Bingo The Birthday Clown #15 – “The Mash”

May 17, 2010

Things move apace. Penny tries to mash herself into the boom chute, Gina talks mashed potatoes, something else ends up sort of mashed, and Tunis put the mash on Linda….

And a black leather catsuit.


Darker Projects PresentS

Batman: No Mans Land

Episode 6

May 17, 2010

It’s official, Batman is back. But with Gotham having fallen so far in his absence, will Batman be able to return order to a lawless land?


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