In The News… May 24, 2010

Site Updates

NEW! – On Saturday May 22, 2010 a short report consisting of headlines and highlights from the world of new audio drama, was aired on Wander Radio.

The Listening Post Report – April 2010

NEW! – The Staff of the Listening Post is expanding. Bohemianroxie will soon be joining me as a regular Reviewer on staff. Once she settles into her new corner office I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots more from her… Welcome aboard Bohemianroxie!

IMPROVED! – Check out our all new Update and Subscription Center, located at the bottom left of our homepage.  We now offer separate RSS Feeds for Comments and Posts as well as Email subscriptions. Now you can get The Listening Post delivered right to your Email box. That’s two new ways to get your dose of the latest and greatest in new audio drama!

COMING SOON! – The Listening Post will soon begin featuring voluntary ratings in our Reviews  and Now Playing listings. A number of shows we feature already use voluntary ratings, and we will  begin posting those ratings whenever appropriate.  Some folks out there might have questions about ratings. Fortunately for our readers, Jack Hosley of Wander Radio has written an exclusive article to answer all your questions. Look for the article and other  changes in approximately two weeks.


BrokenSea Audio Reaches Out To The Fans

Doctor Who fans may have a great opportunity to flex their creative muscles. It seems BrokenSea Audio Productions  is taking submissions from the fans and giving them an opportunity to write an episode of their Doctor Who series. Broken Sea recently issued this plea for submissions:


Here’s a unique opportunity for Doctor Who fan-fiction writers. We have ONE episode slot open for our September 2011 episode of Doctor Who. I’ve decided to let fans of our version of Doctor Who write this episode. It can be in the form of a short story – or a radio play script (check the BBC writers room for a template)

The only requirements are:

– It is a stand alone story (complete plot in one episode 30-50 pages long) and features Mark Kalita’s incarnation of The Doctor and his current companion Amanda Waterfield.*

*Amanda Waterfield is a strong and capable English girl in her early 20’s who has a knack for mechanical and engineering wizardry.

– The plot must deal with an historical or futuristic event that has been disrupted (eg: The Roman Empire has modern tanks, the South has won the US Civil War etc) and the Doctor’s efforts to manage this change in time.

Check BrokenSea Audio for our previous episodes. Scripts or stories that can be adapted to scripts in by June 30th thanks.

Any questions and submissions should be emailed to: paul <at> brokensea <dot> com.


Meet The Decoder Ring Theatre Cast


Fan Expo Canada August 27 – 29 2010

Decoder Ring Fans… Get Thee to FanExpo Canada 2010! For the first time ever, Decoder Ring Theatre will be making a convention appearance! The cast will have a booth in the small press/”artist alley” area of FanExpo 2010. Chief Bottle Washer Gregg Taylor will be at the table all weekend except for brief intervals when he will be unchained and allowed to pee.  At various points Peter Nicol, Chris Mott and Scotty Moyle and other cast members will be chained to the table with Gregg, forced to sell audio collections on USB drives, T Shirts and books to throngs of clamoring fans. Could one of these books include  the third Red Panda novel?… only if all the stars align properly!



7pm Pacific Time on June 2, 2010

The Cast and Writers of the Zombie Apocalypse series “Were Alive” will be taking questions from the public during an upcoming streaming video conference in early June. This Live event was announced on the Were Alive Facebook Fanpage and is scheduled for 7pm Pacific Time on June 2, 2010. Members of the Cast will be on hand to answer questions submitted by fans during the event. So be sure to head over to Facebook and submit your questions, soon!


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