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Misfits Audio delivers another two fisted double dose of Bold Venture! Wheeality Productions questions what you believe in “Dis-Belief”…its another mind twisting turn down 19 Nocturne Boulevard!

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Misfits Audio Presents

Misfits Monday May 31, 2010

Classic Radio Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 11 – “The Blue Moon”

A young girl has run off to join a gambling ship and her distressed father begs Shannon to help. He finds himself embroiled in a world of danger, intrigue and corruption.

Classic Radio Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 12 – “Tears of Siva”

An old friend of Slate comes by asking him to look after a package, but is shot and dies in Slate’s arms. Determined to get to the bottom of it, he and Sailor enter the race for the fabulous sapphire jewels “Tears of Siva”– property of a vindictive Voodoo priestess.


Wheeality Productions Presents

19 Nocturne Boulevard: Dis-Belief

May 31, 2010

Do things still exist when you look away?  What if you stare too hard at something that shouldn’t be there – does it give it more reality?


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