Now Playing… June 7, 2010

This Week…

Misfits Audio reads Tom Riddle’s Diary and uncovers “The Chamber of Secrets” while Pendant Audio helps Dixie Stenberg uncover some “Occidental Nazis”! Giant Gnome serves up a cold dish of revenge  on Star Trek: Outpost and reads “The 285th Rule of Aquisition” while Precarious Audio tries to figure out what went wrong with “Merilee”!

Its all new audio drama and its all… Now Playing!


Pendant Audio Presents

The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater:

Episode 45 – The Occidental Nazis

June 7, 2010

The curtain drops on Vreni’s dramatic past while Billingsley and Walther have a final showdown!


Misfits Audio Presents

Misfit Mondays

June 7, 2010

Tom Riddles Diary: Part 2 – “The Chamber of Secrets”

Voldemort arrives at Hogwarts and sets out to find the Chamber of Secrets, uncovering a different mystery as a result.


Giant Gnome Productions Presents

Star Trek: Outpost Episode 14 –

The 285th Rule of Acquisition

June 5, 2010

While being held by Captain Britarra, Captain Tyrellian and Lieutenant Exler cross paths with an old friend — DaiMon Yurrel — who finds himself faced with making a difficult life-and-death decision. Meanwhile Chief Knox and Commander Torkelson make a startling discovery that could doom the economy of the entire sector.


Precarious Audio Theater Presents


June 4, 2010

The best laid plans … of the very best men … can often go astray.  And when those schemes belong to the very worst of men, the straying can be darker still.  Tonight, something goes wrong – something goes terribly, terribly wrong … with “Merilee”.


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