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Its classic sci-fi Thursday on BrokenSea Audio Productions OTR Swag Cast, while Jay and Craig of You’ve Got Dead On You declares, there are “No Rage Infected Monkeys Here”! Julie Hoverson’s Wheeality Productions rides the trail of the old west with the Deadeye Kid in part 4 of “Haunting Melody”, while Cornucopia Radio slips into the waters of the “Flood”!

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BrokenSea Audio Productions Presents

New Audio Thursday June 24, 2010

OTR Swag Cast: Season 2 Episode 20


Doc, Jack and Reggie are back again with the Dead STILL needing burying in Arizona!

AND…. Emma and John pop in with a NEW adventure- so Stop me if you’ve heard this One!!



Ever been Invaded by the Tenth Planet? Hollywood Star Playhouse has!
AND… Get yer Sea Legs, beware a Mutiny on a Life boat, and beware the Point of Departure when traversing the multi dimensional realms of X minus ONE!!!


Craig Baird and Jason Hall Present

You’ve Got Dead On You: Episode 12 –

“No Rage Infected Monkeys Here”

The couples continue their quest to reach the home of Layla and Faith’s parents. When we last left them, they were about to meet their end with a horde of zombies standing in their way. On that cliffhanger, we rejoin the couples as they prepare for the biggest battle of the series. Will they make it through alive, and what new one-liners will they think up along the way?


Wheeality Productions Presents

The Deadeye Kid: “Haunting Melody” (Part 4 of 5)

June 22, 2010

Hidden reasons appear as Lem works up to his scheme to rid Melody of her pernicious troubles.


Giant Gnome Productions Presents

Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord

Episode 8 – “City of the Dead”

June 22, 2010

Giant Gnome Productions is proud to present the SEASON 1 FINALE of our original Doctor Who Audio Drama:

The Doctor, Daniel and Emily are exploring an ancient, abandoned city in the unknown reaches of deeps space. But they soon realize there is more to the city then they bargained for. Faceless statues, animal sacrifice and a mysterious man all play a role in uncovering the chilling secret of the City of the Dead.


Cornucopia ProductionS PRESEnts

“Flood” By Alice Collins

June 22, 2010

Jenny is standing in her bedroom, cleaning a pair of walking boots. She is in her under-slip. There is a mirror, a small table, a rail of clothing and a double bed. A long nighty is on top of the bed and underneath it, sits a small cardboard box. She patiently waits for her husband to return, while outside the rain continues to fall, as it has done all day…


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