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The Atlanta Radio Theater Company delves into “The Horror at Camp Healthy Springs”!  Giant Gnome sets an “Ambush” for the Chimera and The Sonic Society gets “The Time Machine” up to eighty-eight miles an hour, with the premiere of its Summerstock Playhouse! Jay and Craig find their “Umbrellas No Longer Needed” on You’ve Got Dead On You and Wheeality Productions’ The Deadeye Kid sets things right, in the final chapter of “Haunting Melody”! Finally, BrokenSea Audio is giving away Mickey Spillane on “Slip em a Mickey” Thursday, only on OTR Swag Cast!

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Atlanta Radio Theater Company Presents

“Horror at Camp Healthy Springs”

July 8, 2010

This month we bring you Horror at Camp Healthy Springs by Thomas Berry, performed live at the Academy Theatre for Halloween 2008.


BrokenSea Audio Productions Presents

New Audio Thursday July 8, 2010

OTR Swag Cast – Season 2 Episode 21


Doc, Jack and Reggie are back again with the Dead STILL needing burying in Arizona! AND…. Emma and John pop in with a NEW adventure- so Stop me if you’ve heard this One!! BUT FIRST….


Mickey Spillane joins the Swag Cast this week for some hard boiled, private eye NOIR! The author himself even pops in to VA!!!

“Don’t smile. I don’t like people who smile like that.”
– Mickey Spillane

It’s doesn’t get any grittier or better than lines like that– from “that Hammer Guy!”


Giant Gnome Productions Presents

Star Trek: Outpost Episode 15 – “Ambush”

July 7, 2010

The Chimera must abandon its search for Lt. Exler when it is diverted to the Glaminfo, a spacegoing entertainment oasis, to rendezvous with a Ferengi transport. And while Exler and Tyrellian engage in a life-and-death struggle with the Klingon Jenneth, Captain Britarra and the Solar Winds patiently lie in wait…


Jack Ward & Shannon Hilchie Presents

The Sonic Society:

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse – “The Time Machine”

July 6, 2010

Sharon Bee presents a new theme for Sonic Summerstock Playhouse as the summer season begins with a classic “Escape”- “The Time Machine” a reproduction produced by the amazing folks at Broken Sea Productions and guest starring the hilarious John Bell from Bell’s in the Batfry.


Wheeality Productions Presents

The Deadeye Kid: “Haunting Melody” Part 5 of 5

July 6, 2010

Lem sorts out the tangled web at the Cartland ranch, setting all the parties straight, and a strange proposal must be answered.


Jason Hall and Craig Baird Presents

You’ve Got Dead On You:

Episode 14 – “Umbrellas No Longer Needed”

July 6, 2010

After coming across The Tourist once more, we delve away from our Dukes of Dead and learn how things came about for The Tourist during the zombie apocalypse. What trouble has he found and gotten into? All we can say is that this episode is a very revealing one, so tune in!


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