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Its a tale of Batgirls and Black Masks on Darker Projects Batman: No Man’s Land! Wheeality Productions encounters a “Dragon” out for a stroll along 19 Nocturne Boulevard and brings Mur Lafferty along for the trip! Up next, its a double dose of adventure in old Havana when Misfits Audio  takes on a Bold Venture and makes “A Twelve Year Old Promise” to Bogey and Bacall, who crash the party when there’s “A Death at the Wedding”! Freedom and justice prevails in the final chapter of Texas Radio Theatre’s “Rod Renegade: Chaos For Hire”! Tales of the Extraordinary returns, with pulp adventure kisses in “To Russia With Love”! Finally “Troll Story Continues & More Brass Fantabulous-ness” abounds on Fred Greenhalgh’s Radio Drama Revival!

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Darker Projects Presents

Batman: No Man’s Land – Episode 7

July 12, 2010

Batgirls new and old collide as Black Mask launches his attack on the Clock Tower.


Misfits Audio Productions Presents

Misfit Monday July 12, 2010

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 18

“A Twelve Year Old Promise”

As a young man, Slate made a pact with a friend that if either of them struck oil, they would share half of it with the other. His old friend arrives in Havana and hands Slate the deed to an oil field with what he thought was his dying breath.

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 17

“A Death At The Wedding”

Two lovely newlyweds arrive at the hotel, but the festivities are interrupted by a man who collapses right across from the wedding cake, and it comes to light that he wasn’t the first.


Wheeality Productions Presents

19 Nocturne Boulevard: “Dragon”

July 11, 2010

When the Great Umber Dragon comes to the tiny hamlet of Swardvale, can a knight be far behind?  Or is that a bit… convenient? Guest star cameo from Mur Lafferty!
WARNING:  Mature humor and innuendo!!!


Texas Radio Theatre Presents

Rod Renegade: Chaos For Hire (Part 3)

July 10, 2010

Rod Renegade is a special agent for the department of Homeland Security. Severely wounded in Afghanistan, he was fitted with a special computerized brain implant called “SIS” which restores his body to slightly better than normal.  SIS is also a complete artificial intelligence, communications and data bank that he can talk to mentally, but several ‘bugs’ haven’t been worked out.  During one of Rod’s test he meets Taipan, an international criminal who’s soon to become Rod’s greatest nemesis.

In part three – we conclude this ripping adventure – and freedom and justice prevails (perhaps)


Tales Of The Extraordinary Presents

“To Russia With Love” – Episode 1

July 9, 2010

Russian spies have been stealing mystical items and beasts for months. But in the process, they have drawn the ire of the powerful Kingsley family and the Unknown’s favorite Mongolian monks! And now…vengeance gets international! Meanwhile, Randolph Moon’s comatose body has been kidnapped by Buru Cultists. With The Unknown out of town, Detective Sullivan is the only one who can save him…or is he?


Fred Greenhalgh Presents

Radio Drama Revival: Episode 181 – “Troll Story Continues & More Brass Fantabulous-ness”

July 9, 2010

Serialized audio adventures continue from last week… We have part 2 of FinalRune’s new release, “The Troll of Stony Brook,” and two more parts of ZBS’ Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous.

This is the last we’ll be hearing of ZBS’ steampunk goodness so head over to ZBS to purchase the remaining episodes if you’re enjoying the tale.

Meanwhile, on a new road through what once was forest, two teenage boys hunt down a large creature they came across the night before…


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