Coming Attractions… July 15, 2010

Assembled for your listening pleasure, here’s a small gathering of upcoming productions for your auditory enjoyment… its time to roll those Coming Attractions!


No Line Radio Presents

The Official Trailer for

Star Wars Marvels: Fight or Flight

Chapter 3 of the Star Hopper Trilogy

Coming Soon From No Line Radio!


Giant Gnome Productions Presents

The Official Trailer for

“Of Kings and Time Travelers”

Giant Gnome Production’s is proud to present its second original science fiction production. Planned as a monthly series, “OF KINGS AND TIME TRAVELER’S” will take listeners from the farthest reaches of the future to the distant past.  Focusing in on the characters of four friends: Rexx, Getlingsworth [real name: Gaylord Reynolds], Tobias Harold, and Christopher Calvin, who are fresh out of the Temporal Academy, “OF KINGS AND TIME TRAVELER’S” will depict a future, present, and past like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


An Art Lawful Productions Presents

The Official Teaser For

The Briar and The Rose

In the most despoiled urban slumland in the country, a morose, oddball detective is set on the trail of a murderer with seemingly no motive nor logical modus operandi. Walk the pee-stained beat in Bricktown this September when An Art Lawful Productions presents “The Briar and The Rose.”

(Featuring “Night on the Docks” by Kevin MacLeod.)

Warning: Explicit and graphic content. Listener discretion advised

Coming September 2010!


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