Mini Review – Night Terrors: Episode 6

A Mini-Review of

Episode 6: “Byron’s Tale”

By Ken Jarman

July 24, 2010

Night Terrors is an anthology horror series produced by Darker Projects. The website has a dark feel contributing to the nature of the stories released by Darker Projects. The website is also very easily navigated with productions listed on the left, and each individual episode listed on the title page from newest to oldest. Embedded on each page is also a playlist of episodes for those just beginning on a particular series. While this is a stand-alone story within the anthology collection of Night Terrors the world of Byron continues in The Byron Chronicles.

The voice actors did well in their parts even though Tom Davis is later replaced by David Ault in the continuing series. As with all episodes of Night Terrors, the host is voiced by Mark Bruzee as Harbinger. The music and his voice give a feel of a Tales from the Crypt type show, with the host introducing and closing out each episode. If you’ve listened to The Byron Chronicles, it will be interesting to note that the voice of Gabriel is none other than Laura Post, who is cast as Chris Sparrow in the continuing series. She does an awesome job of voice acting and playing the part that is assigned to her, as she does in the many different other shows that she has been involved with. The editing of both Ben Harmer and Laura Post is very well done, giving Laura’s voice and angelic quality and Ben’s voice a demonic one. The background noise of the episode gives the episode a nice feel with the lack of silence throughout the episode. Footsteps and rain are well done as well as background conversation in the bar scene.

Like most episodes of Night Terrors, the episode begins with a small clip, leaving the audience wondering how the story got to that point. A demon, named Morg, knocks down Byron’s door, stating that Morg’s master says “you come now.” Byron notes that the door was created for him by Merlin himself. He also narrates that the odd situation of a man walking next to a demon is unnoticed by the regular public due to the fact that humans have an inability to see the supernatural creatures for what they really are. The demon leads Byron to his master, the Devil, who is now beginning to call himself by the name of Logan. Logan informs Byron that he wishes him to find a woman by the name of Lilith who is allegedly the first one to escape from hell.

As Byron arrives back home, he is greeted by the angel known as Gabriel, who informs him that heaven is looking for Lilith as well, saying that she had walked out of heaven. At a bar known as Dante’s Inferno, Lilith tells Byron the truth of who she is. Byron then comes up with a way to keep Gabriel and Logan from obtaining Lilith, resulting in a stalemate. With Lilith locked in a cage that is unable to be penetrated by angel or demon kind, she no longer needs to worry about running from  the forces of heaven or hell, but is instead trapped with Byron. With events continuing in The Byron Chronicles, one can only wonder how long before the forces of heaven and hell will let Byron continue unchecked. If you’re interested in an anthology series or would like some insight into Byron’s previous adventures listen to Night Terrors.

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