Status of The Listening Post

August 10, 2010

By Dex Trenchcoat

Greetings Readers, I just wanted to let folks know that due to some extreme circumstances The Listening Post may be forced to “slow down”. My own personal life may be turning upside down (again) very soon. I am trying to do everything in my power to not let circumstances stop me from continuing to publish the Post on a regular basis, but it could happen.

So whats going on exactly? I’d rather not go into details but the basic story is, I may be forced to relocate on short notice. These next few weeks could be very nerve wracking and emotional for me, as I may have to uproot my entire life and move cross country for the second or third time in as many years.

So what happens to The Listening Post? Well the website will remain here and open; However, updates may become sparse. Regular readers may have noticed that there was no “Now Playing…” published yesterday as there should have been. I apologize for that, but unfortunately it may happen again. I do hope to get back on a regular schedule soon, but I really can’t say when. As of now, The “Now Playing” listings and most of the forthcoming news articles are “on hold”. As most of the regular readers know, The Listening Post is on Twitter and I will try to keep the twitter stream active during this down time.

Of course there are other folks here at the Post besides myself; including our newest reviewer, Ken Jarman, who contributed our first mini review! The rest of the Staff will continue to contribute reviews and thought provoking editorials when and where they can, but they lead pretty busy lives too, so I’m asking our readers to be very patient with us while things sort themselves out.

Please be patient, The Listening Post isn’t going anywhere if we can help it!


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