Dex Trenchcoat – Editor

 I began using the name Dex Trenchcoat while exploring the virtual world of Second Life in late 2007. Like most Second Life residents, I spent my days wandering the Grid in search of free stuff and playing mean tricks on newbies. Virtual life sure was pretty, but it lacked something. There had to be more to digital life than just searching for the perfect pair of prim shoes and giving newbies virtual wedgies. One thing was clear, I needed a “job”, But what should this “job” be?

In 2007 my friend Bazil approached me about working as a writer on his website, Suburban Conspiracy. I immediately said yes without really knowing what I was going to be writing about. Then one day while on a drive across Second Life I came across a club playing something very interesting on their streaming radio station… not music but audio drama. More importantly, this was audio drama that WASN’T made in the 1930’s.

Thus my career with the short-lived “casual geek” Web-Zine Suburban Conspiracy, began. Back then I wrote reviews of nearly every show I heard such as “Wormwood”, “Alive Inside”, “Children of the Gods”, “The Leviathan Chronicles” and more. Sadly in 2008, Suburban Conspiracy came to an end; leaving me nowhere to go. But it was too late, I had been bitten by “the bug”… I knew I had to keep writing about modern audio drama.

So I did the only thing I could, I set out on my own, and created the website that would eventually become The Listening Post. Then one day, while happily typing away on my shiny new website, I was contacted by Jack Hosley about doing an Audio Drama News segment for Wander Radio. The rest as they say, is clichéd history…


Jack Hosley – Audio Engineer & Special Correspondent

Jack Hosley is the owner and operator of the long running podcast Wander Radio. Having dabbled in dramatizing short stories and watching the emergence of a new age of audio drama and trumpeter of all things independent, He views himself as more than qualified to write about things that are audio drama related having produced only three and talked to several Producers of Audio Drama over the last 4 years. He is currently the resident audio guy for the Audio version of “The Listening Post” (which can be found on Wander Radio and soon, on other shows as well) and the resident expert on all things Pendant Productions.


Now that you know a little bit about us, tell us something about you. Are you new to audio drama and have a question? Do you want to contribute to the Post and become a writer here? Perhaps you just need to send a strongly worded letter of condemnation to the Editor?

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