One of the regular features here at the Listening Post are news, updates and other announcements from the creators of audio dramas. We collect news and updates from all around the world of audio drama, which, like the internet itself,  is a global community.

Here’s an archive of news articles from the past:

July 2010 – 

Honoring The Fans – Decoder Ring Theatre’s PRX campaign – Jack Kincaid announces “Edict Zero” – Audio drama characters on Twitter – Special Report: “Can Podcasting Speak for Radio Drama?” – Special Report: The 2009 Mark Time and Ogle Awards!

June 2010 – 

Misfits Audio impresses First Arkansas News – “TekWar” audio drama rumors – “We’re Alive” & “Leviathan Chronicles” hit milestones – “Warp’d Space” audiobooks – “Wormwood” series finale

May 2010 –

BrokenSea Audio reaches out to fans – Decoder Ring Theatre’s  first convention appearance – “We’re Alive” cast & crew live interview – Season three of “The Byron Chronicles” begins – Dead Weasel Studio resumes work on “Children of the Gods” – “Leviathan Chronicles” season finale – “We’re Alive” hits a milestone


Our Feature Stories will cover almost anything about audio drama today. Wether its a commentary on the latest production trends  or an in-depth look at a new group of independent creators or professionals, this is where you’ll find it.


“Is Radio Still the brass ring for audio drama?”