The Listening Post is a combination blog and podcast, or “blog-cast”, which is dedicated to showcasing and highlighting all current audio drama productions available on the internet, in podcast format. All the audio dramas featured on this website are being made right now, today; by people just like you and me.

Readers can expect interviews and print articles from the listener’s point of view, with less emphasis on “tech talk” or audio drama “how-to” lessons, and more emphasis on the personalities involved and the creative process behind the shows. The Listening Post will have a special focus on new audio dramas just being released, or even those still in production, whenever possible. The Listening Post will also release audio interviews with writers, editors, voice actors and others involved in these shows as well as roundtable discussions with various audio drama reviewers and even fans.

The Listening Post’s primary focus  will always be audio drama that is freely available on the internet. While we may occasionally review or otherwise spotlight a pay-to-listen show or production group, the focus of this blog-cast is and always will be, shows that offer their product for free and use the internet as their main distribution outlet.

Most folks think audio drama disappeared with the golden age of radio, and The Listening Post is here to show the world that audio drama is not only alive and well on the internet, its growing all the time. We hope you’ll join us as we explore the new world of modern audio drama.