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This Week In New Audio…

Jim Nolan, Private Eye returns for a little “Dead Air” while Bogey and Bacall engage in a “Voodoo Vendetta” and join in “The Search For Tommy Reed” on Bold Venture from Misfits Audio! The game is afoot on Texas Radio Theatre, when Sherlock Holmes is faced with “The Final Problem” and Fred Greenhalgh deals with “More Trolling and Fallen Angels” on Radio Drama Revival! Meanwhile Pendant Audio leaves Once Upon A Time In Vegas in the grip of “Fear” while The Line prepares to fight the demon and enter the “Certamen”!

And It’s All.. Now Playing!


Pendant Productions Presents

The Line: Season 1 Episode 4 – “Certamen”

July 19, 2010

God’s warriors gather, Thomas is possessed by nightmares and Bishop Francis fights The Demon!


Misfits Audio Presents

Misfit Monday July 19, 2010

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 19 –

“Voodoo Vendetta”

A widow comes to Slate asking him to take her dearly departed husband out to sea for a funeral. He agrees, but there is just one problem – her husband isn’t dead.

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 20 –

“The Search For Tommy Reed”

A distraught woman stumbles into Shannon’s Place and begs him to help find her husband. When he does, Slate discovers the situation is not as it seemed.

Jim Nolan, PI:

Episode 10 – “Dead Air”

July 19, 2010

Jim tries to prevent a depressed man from committing suicide on the air of a Boston radio station.


Texas Radio Theatre Presents

Sherlock Holmes:

“The Final Problem” – Part 1

July 18, 2010

The Texas Radio Theatre presents an audio adaptation of one of Sherlock Homles’ most notorious cases, featuring literature’s first super villain – Professor James Moriarty. How great must Holmes’ sacrifice be to rid the world of such a complete and diabolical menace?

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Spencer Prokop.

Pendant Productions Presents

Once Upon A Time In Vegas:

Chapter 32 – “Fear”

July 16, 2010

Maria hunts Jeff while fear eats Abby!


Fred Greenhalgh Presents

Radio Drama Revival: Episode 182 –

“More Trolling & Fallen Angels”

July 16, 2010

FinalRune’s third installment of the Troll of Stony Brook introduces us to the troll – a fearless, man-eating creature for sure, but, um, not without a soft stop. Sadly, humans just won’t leave him alone and the rough exterior shows up again.

After this next dose of audio delight we move on to Fallen Angels that Bounce, a serialized audio noir tale by ZBS featuring lush soundscapes of Rio de Janeiro and New York City. Flo has a recurring dream of Rio that never goes anywhere – so Joe and Moe take it upon themselves to cook up a tale of a devilish twin sister, crooked gangsters, and dreams of Rio.

Meet a crazy kooky cast in a program which is unabashedly aware of its art form, showing off the wondrously imaginative and dreamlike possibilities of audio!


Can Podcasting Speak For Radio Drama?

July 19, 2010

By Dex Trenchcoat

The focus of the Listening Post has always been modern audio drama podcasts. However, podcasts are far from the only delivery method for audio drama. On the internet there are hundreds of streaming radio stations, some of which carry audio drama all the time, (such as Sound Stages Radio) and sometimes streaming stations only feature certain shows or certain time slots for audio drama. For example Living Dead Media Radio, plays the newest episode of “You’ve Dead On You” one day before its made available for podcast. In another example, Voices In The Wind Audio Theater was able to get their production, “Running To Detroit” aired on both broadcast and streaming radio from Country 92.9 just this past Saturday. Even with all these great listening options, finding the time to listen to a show during a particular time slot can make audio drama a challenge in our increasingly “on the go” world. While you can find audio drama in the United States on satellite radio or even on NPR from time to time, exposing the general public to audio drama, just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

The BBC and Broadcast Radio Drama

While broadcast radio drama may be rare as hens teeth in the United States, in other countries it can be quite common and popular. In the UK for example, you can still find actual honest-to-goodness radio drama; often in prime time and sometimes with A-List talent such as Sir Ian McKellen, (of X-Men and Lord of the Rings fame) who starred in an audio adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger which BBC 4 aired earlier this year. One would think in an environment with big name talent and the financial backing of the BBC, it would be easy to to keep radio drama on the air. But sadly, the BBC recently announced plans to drop its Friday Play time slot. The company has stated that radio drama will remain a part of the BBC for some time to come, though one does have to wonder how long it will be before  further cuts are made. In addition to the cut backs it was also announced that the Drama department was being merged with the Documentary department, a move that some feel could potentially destroy radio drama at the BBC, in the long term. On June 20th The Guardian published an article which offered a glimpse into the contributions the BBC has made to radio drama:

Yes, the BBC is still by far the most prolific drama broadcaster in the world, airing 649 hours this year (including readings), with a total of 200 single plays. And yes, the Friday Play represents just 3% of this and was the least popular slot (although many would argue that the quality was more consistent than that of the Afternoon Plays). Nevertheless, it remains a loss for radio drama, not a gain.

While it would be easy to think “This is great, here’s an opportunity for independent podcasters to fill the void and continue to grow“! As long time followers of audio drama can attest, and the Guardian article  goes on to point out, “survival is not the same as growth”. In my opinion, whatever growth podcasters of the medium experienced, it would probably not last long without the type of exposure and growth mainstream radio (broadcast in any country) can give to audio drama.

So is radio drama dying, as Equity warned us? Not yet, not while the BBC still exists. But survival is not the same as growth, and the medium needs to make better use of digital technology. Videos, DVDs and hard-disc recording have fundamentally altered the way people consume television, especially drama. Radio plays remain very difficult to enjoy in the same way. The iPlayer helps a little, but for a limited period“.

The Spotlight on Podcasting

One of the big strengths of the podcasting format is being able to download podcasts to an ultra-portable mp3 player, and listen to shows anytime, just about anywhere. As I understand it, the BBC has begun to podcast “The Archers” a popular audio soap opera, so why not podcast other productions once they’ve aired, as well? The same article went on to point out some new sources of listening material that do use podcasting as their delivery method. Regular readers of The Listening Post will find some very familiar names here:

By far the busiest group of original audio dramatists, however, are the small-scale podcasters. For the most part, this means science fiction, fantasy and mystery stories – try the Pendant Productions website ( For a polished zombie drama podcast go to Mystery stories can be heard at and One well-regarded (and British) ghost story series from 2006 is still available at You can find well-packaged guides to what else is out there at and And it’s all free.

The Possible Effects

Its great to see so many audio drama groups and people mentioned all at once, the extra publicity should help boost download numbers if nothing else. Reaction to the closure of the Friday Play was so strong that journalists, writers and fans alike began a huge outcry against the move. One such fan is R Frank Wilson who started a Facebook group called “Speak Up For Radio Drama Now!” which is well over one thousand members strong. R Frank Wilson’s group has begun recommending alternatives to the BBC’s well known works. In an encouraging move filled with potential for podcasters, many of Speak Up For Radio Drama Now’s recommendations come from  independent podcasts such as the award winning Icebox Radio Theater and 19 Nocturne Boulevard, among others.

What the ultimate effect of all this will be (assuming the BBC actually goes through with its plans to  merge departments and cut the Friday Play) is difficult for a humble blogger like me to say. After all, I have little knowledge of the BBC or its inner workings. But I think  this is a story that anyone with an interest in audio drama should at least take note of, and not just for the recognition to independent podcasters that has come from from the mainstream press, either.

I am very interested to hear what others have to say about this subject. Where do our readers think all this could be headed?

Coming Attractions… July 15, 2010

Assembled for your listening pleasure, here’s a small gathering of upcoming productions for your auditory enjoyment… its time to roll those Coming Attractions!


No Line Radio Presents

The Official Trailer for

Star Wars Marvels: Fight or Flight

Chapter 3 of the Star Hopper Trilogy

Coming Soon From No Line Radio!


Giant Gnome Productions Presents

The Official Trailer for

“Of Kings and Time Travelers”

Giant Gnome Production’s is proud to present its second original science fiction production. Planned as a monthly series, “OF KINGS AND TIME TRAVELER’S” will take listeners from the farthest reaches of the future to the distant past.  Focusing in on the characters of four friends: Rexx, Getlingsworth [real name: Gaylord Reynolds], Tobias Harold, and Christopher Calvin, who are fresh out of the Temporal Academy, “OF KINGS AND TIME TRAVELER’S” will depict a future, present, and past like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


An Art Lawful Productions Presents

The Official Teaser For

The Briar and The Rose

In the most despoiled urban slumland in the country, a morose, oddball detective is set on the trail of a murderer with seemingly no motive nor logical modus operandi. Walk the pee-stained beat in Bricktown this September when An Art Lawful Productions presents “The Briar and The Rose.”

(Featuring “Night on the Docks” by Kevin MacLeod.)

Warning: Explicit and graphic content. Listener discretion advised

Coming September 2010!

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This Week…

BrokenSea Audio Productions catches up with The Falcon on OTR SwagCast and Feedback discovers that a hero’s work is never done in “A Work In Progress”! Gypsy Audio insists that “Ladies Don’t Do Those Things” in episode two of Stargazers. Up next, Wheeality Productions Bingo The Birthday Clown pulls “The Old Switcheroo” while The Sonic Society Summerstock Playhouse takes a ride with “The Lone Ranger” courtesy of Misfits Audio! The Wireless Theatre Company declares “Gino Ginelli is Dead” while Decoder Ring Theatre hits “The Sweet Tooth” …again!

And Its All… Now Playing!


Decoder Ring Theatre Presents

Play it Again! – “The Sweet Tooth”

July 15, 2010

We continue our summer stroll down memory lane with danger and daring-do courtesy of Steven Burley sitting in as the Red Panda with Hero van Harten as the Flying Squirrel in a little season two Red Panda Adventure we like to call “The Sweet Tooth”. So get ready to… Play It Again!


BrokenSea Audio Productions Presents

New Audio Thursday

July 15, 2010

OTR Swag Cast: Season 2 Episode 23

[OTR Swag Cast is Rated AD-PG]

Doc, Jack and Reggie are back again with the Dead STILL needing burying in Arizona!

AND…. Emma and John pop in with a NEW adventure- so Stop me if you’ve heard this One!!



From 1943 THE FALCON joins the Swag Cast this week for some hard boiled, SPY/Private Eye Drama! The feature series tonight is about an American agent whose code name is the “Falcon”.

Feedback: A Hero’s Calling

Season 2 Episode 8 – “A Work In Progress”

[Feedback A Hero’s Calling is Rated AD PG-13]

Tech Support HQ settles down in the aftermath of the battle with Feedback’s demons as Sparrow & Pre-Fetch begin a journey toward destiny.  Meanwhile, a new guest checks in to the Days Inn at Wyomissing, PA for the ComicGeekSpeak SuperShow–but possibly for the last time!!


Gypsy Audio Presents

Stargazers: Episode 2 –

“Ladies Don’t Do Those Things”

July 14, 2010

[Stargazers is Rated AD-G]

The further adventures of Rhiannon of Ylding and Brea the blacksmith!


The Wireless Theatre Company Presents

“Gino Ginelli Is Dead”

July 14, 2010

Charles and Ollie Ginnelli haven’t seen their father for over twenty years when out of the blue they discover he has passed away and they must go to their childhood hometown of Swanborough on sea to organise his funeral. What begins as an unfortunate family accident mounts into a disaster of unparalleled proportions for the two brothers as they encounter the strange, the incompetent and the the unusual during the ceremony and remember why they were so glad they left in the first place. Still, at least they get to leave straight away. Don’t they?


Wheeality Productions Presents

Bingo The Birthday Clown:

Episode 19 – “The Old Switcheroo”

July 13, 2010

No candles, but bells and books make a BIG impression.


Jack Ward & Shannon Hilchie Present

The Sonic Society:

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse Presents –

“The Lone Ranger”

July 13, 2010

Episode 2 of Sonic Summerstock Playhouse presents Misfits Audio’s amazing presentation of a classic Lone Ranger episode. Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor from Kung Fu Action Theatre, the talented, Mr. Robyn Paterson is our host tonight.

Now Playing… July 12, 2010

New Audio This Week…

Its a tale of Batgirls and Black Masks on Darker Projects Batman: No Man’s Land! Wheeality Productions encounters a “Dragon” out for a stroll along 19 Nocturne Boulevard and brings Mur Lafferty along for the trip! Up next, its a double dose of adventure in old Havana when Misfits Audio  takes on a Bold Venture and makes “A Twelve Year Old Promise” to Bogey and Bacall, who crash the party when there’s “A Death at the Wedding”! Freedom and justice prevails in the final chapter of Texas Radio Theatre’s “Rod Renegade: Chaos For Hire”! Tales of the Extraordinary returns, with pulp adventure kisses in “To Russia With Love”! Finally “Troll Story Continues & More Brass Fantabulous-ness” abounds on Fred Greenhalgh’s Radio Drama Revival!

And Its All… Now Playing!


Darker Projects Presents

Batman: No Man’s Land – Episode 7

July 12, 2010

Batgirls new and old collide as Black Mask launches his attack on the Clock Tower.


Misfits Audio Productions Presents

Misfit Monday July 12, 2010

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 18

“A Twelve Year Old Promise”

As a young man, Slate made a pact with a friend that if either of them struck oil, they would share half of it with the other. His old friend arrives in Havana and hands Slate the deed to an oil field with what he thought was his dying breath.

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 17

“A Death At The Wedding”

Two lovely newlyweds arrive at the hotel, but the festivities are interrupted by a man who collapses right across from the wedding cake, and it comes to light that he wasn’t the first.


Wheeality Productions Presents

19 Nocturne Boulevard: “Dragon”

July 11, 2010

When the Great Umber Dragon comes to the tiny hamlet of Swardvale, can a knight be far behind?  Or is that a bit… convenient? Guest star cameo from Mur Lafferty!
WARNING:  Mature humor and innuendo!!!


Texas Radio Theatre Presents

Rod Renegade: Chaos For Hire (Part 3)

July 10, 2010

Rod Renegade is a special agent for the department of Homeland Security. Severely wounded in Afghanistan, he was fitted with a special computerized brain implant called “SIS” which restores his body to slightly better than normal.  SIS is also a complete artificial intelligence, communications and data bank that he can talk to mentally, but several ‘bugs’ haven’t been worked out.  During one of Rod’s test he meets Taipan, an international criminal who’s soon to become Rod’s greatest nemesis.

In part three – we conclude this ripping adventure – and freedom and justice prevails (perhaps)


Tales Of The Extraordinary Presents

“To Russia With Love” – Episode 1

July 9, 2010

Russian spies have been stealing mystical items and beasts for months. But in the process, they have drawn the ire of the powerful Kingsley family and the Unknown’s favorite Mongolian monks! And now…vengeance gets international! Meanwhile, Randolph Moon’s comatose body has been kidnapped by Buru Cultists. With The Unknown out of town, Detective Sullivan is the only one who can save him…or is he?


Fred Greenhalgh Presents

Radio Drama Revival: Episode 181 – “Troll Story Continues & More Brass Fantabulous-ness”

July 9, 2010

Serialized audio adventures continue from last week… We have part 2 of FinalRune’s new release, “The Troll of Stony Brook,” and two more parts of ZBS’ Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous.

This is the last we’ll be hearing of ZBS’ steampunk goodness so head over to ZBS to purchase the remaining episodes if you’re enjoying the tale.

Meanwhile, on a new road through what once was forest, two teenage boys hunt down a large creature they came across the night before…

Review: You’ve Got Dead On You – Episodes 1-12

By Roxie Morris

One of the more exciting aspects of the Disneyland of audio drama is that there is always something new to be discovered along the way. Sometimes it’s a hit or miss, and sometimes it’s going to stick. Sometimes it sticks like those pieces of zombie flesh flying through the air from “You’ve Got Dead On You”…

You’ve Got Dead On You Studios Presents

This last month I had the stupefying experience of moving to another city while our esteemed editor Dex waited patiently for some vital signs of life from me. Thus I had much time for mental zombie adventuring as I waded through my own series of endless congested highways happily envisioning the apocalypse while hanging out in garishly lit Laundromats decorated with vacant eyed patrons. It was all perfect, for my first review excursion. I had a beautifully blank backdrop for my eyes while I filled my ears and fed my mind with audio drama.

I’ve confessed elsewhere on the web of not being a groupie to the whole zombie film genre, but I have found the audio drama medium be a wonderful place to address all of my issues with it. While some of these issues are self evident, here’s a rundown of my “pet peeve” list: The lack of character development usually inherent in zombie films that rely too much on special effects. the extreme lack of visual appeal and charm of most zombies is another problem, to me anyway. Last but not least, would be either taking the whole apocalyptic vision seriously enough to make it seem a serious threat (as in the excellent “We’re Alive”) or to just relax and have some good campy fun with the whole scenario, as in “You’ve Got Dead On You”. So few zombie stories seem to strike the right balance, in my opinion.

“You’ve Got Dead On You” which was first released in April 2010, is the slowly simmering and happy-go-lucky brainchild of Craig Baird and Jason Hall. These guys discovered over a period of several years that they each shared a mutual love of zombies and wise-cracking one liners. They also (correctly) figured out that the audio drama world was re-animating itself, and it would be a great vehicle for some of their ideas. Although Craig and Jason are technically separated by miles they found the internet could help them solve many logistics problems and the pair went to work developing their two main characters that are, interestingly enough, a dynamic duo called Craig and Jay.

The real Craig Hall and Jason Baird offer such fare as “Shaun of the Dead”, “The Simpsons”, “Arrested Development” and “Flight of the Concords”  and yes, even “Dumb and Dumber” as some of their inspiration for the show. The characters of Craig and Jay keep landing on their feet, even as they find themselves knee deep in corpses and in hot pursuit of the ultimate zombie weapon and the perfect one liner. Who knew that You’ve Got Dead On You could be educational too? I mean, did anyone else have a clue what a katovel was before Craig and Jay discovered it? Actually, I’m still not sure what a katovel is. But at least I know it exists.

You’ve got Dead on You personally reminded me of an obstacle ridden film from a few years back called “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”. Like Harold and Kumar, there seem to be so many detours which lead to adventure and catastrophe as Craig and Jay make the 10 minute drive to their girlfriends house. Thats what makes the journey along the way so much fun.

The website design is so simple even Craig and Jay could figure it out. It’s a white on black blog designed efficiently and to the point. They include all the usual suspects of clickable links to Facebook, iTunes, Twitter and the RSS feed which you can subscribe to, or manually download episodes from the site. The website also has a written synopsis of every episode and each chapter pretty much picks up where the other left off.

The episodes are fairly brief and range from 10 minutes to around 18 minutes and are released every Tuesday. The shortness of some of the initial episodes reminds me a little of the now defunct but brilliant “Two Minute Danger Theater”. There are currently 14 episodes of “You’ve Got Dead On You” already on the site and the team says they plan on a first season of 25 episodes before their hiatus and I presume, several seasons more. “You’ve Got Dead On You” also packs a wallop of one liners into each and every episode and they make every minute count. They have also created some pretty great show titles such as “Zombies Don’t Wear Plaid” and “Not Without My Shovel”, who wouldn’t be charmed and intrigued by titles like these?

The audio quality for You’ve Got Dead On You is a little rough starting out. There are occasions early on when you can hear the mic shut on and off and there are other times Jay sounds like he’s talking through an old transistor radio. They record separately and Craig later edits their conversations together, although they do make use of a web cam to mirror their expressions. But each week addresses these issues, and seems an improvement over the last. It gets better as you go. The acting itself is sometimes hit or miss and may come across, at times, as a little wooden and disjointed. But mostly it does work and is delivered with an apt dead pan delivery, that is often quite hilarious. It’s easy to follow even without the announcer (a.k.a. Jason Hall) teasing you along. The announcer is a show unto himself and is also quite a bit of fun as he offers numerous tidbits of helpful advice and aids to get someone through the zombie apocalypse; such as: “do not use a brick” and “wear a poncho“. Because as we all know… zombie slaying is a nasty, messy business and best done at far range.

The plot itself concerns a zombie apocalypse where everyone is advised to take “necessary precautions” via a newscast forewarning the zombie apocalypse. No one exactly knows what necessary precautions are, which is a great source for debate, but Craig and Jay are unflappable and never skip a beat, taking the whole thing in stride. As an example, Craig talks nonchalantly on the phone with his girlfriend Layla, while Jay takes out their neighbor-turned-zombie with a library copy of War and peace.

From there, the initial mission of Craig and Jay is simple enough… to reach their girlfriends, Layla and Faith’s, apartment (which is a 10 minute drive away) The lovely Layla and Faith are drolly played by Layla Baird and Faith Witherow, who also fill in as numerous other characters as well. Faith and Layla, may not be of the Mensa variety themselves, but are fortunately women who prefer action over words. They also love their accessories (like chainsaws) as most women do.

Craig and Jays biggest problem seems to be that they are easily distracted by pretty much everything. Mostly each other. And, boy, do these guys ever like to debate… “Can zombies make phone calls? Should a one liner be a paragraph? Is a piano leg a better weapon than a golf club? And how does someone get a piano leg?” Can these and other serious matters, ever be resolved? Well, maybe not ever with Craig and Jay.

All in all, I think “You’ve Got Dead On You” has some moments of real brilliance and will doubtless make the most serious minded among us have a chuckle of two. It did me. I see it as lot of fun, and these guys are a talented pair that are obviously having a lot of fun doing it. It’s contagious to hear someone love what they are doing, and do it well. Craig and Jay are also quite interactive and accessible on their fan pages and they are always eager for feedback and any comments on their show. So feel free to jump in and join in the discussion. I see them as serious contenders in the Audio Drama medium and I look forward to hearing more from them. In short, “You’ve Got Dead On You”, sticks!

But don’t go by me. If you haven’t listened already, go give it a listen. And let these guys know what you think…

Now Playing… July 8, 2010

This Week in New Audio…

The Atlanta Radio Theater Company delves into “The Horror at Camp Healthy Springs”!  Giant Gnome sets an “Ambush” for the Chimera and The Sonic Society gets “The Time Machine” up to eighty-eight miles an hour, with the premiere of its Summerstock Playhouse! Jay and Craig find their “Umbrellas No Longer Needed” on You’ve Got Dead On You and Wheeality Productions’ The Deadeye Kid sets things right, in the final chapter of “Haunting Melody”! Finally, BrokenSea Audio is giving away Mickey Spillane on “Slip em a Mickey” Thursday, only on OTR Swag Cast!

and its all… Now Playing!


Atlanta Radio Theater Company Presents

“Horror at Camp Healthy Springs”

July 8, 2010

This month we bring you Horror at Camp Healthy Springs by Thomas Berry, performed live at the Academy Theatre for Halloween 2008.


BrokenSea Audio Productions Presents

New Audio Thursday July 8, 2010

OTR Swag Cast – Season 2 Episode 21


Doc, Jack and Reggie are back again with the Dead STILL needing burying in Arizona! AND…. Emma and John pop in with a NEW adventure- so Stop me if you’ve heard this One!! BUT FIRST….


Mickey Spillane joins the Swag Cast this week for some hard boiled, private eye NOIR! The author himself even pops in to VA!!!

“Don’t smile. I don’t like people who smile like that.”
– Mickey Spillane

It’s doesn’t get any grittier or better than lines like that– from “that Hammer Guy!”


Giant Gnome Productions Presents

Star Trek: Outpost Episode 15 – “Ambush”

July 7, 2010

The Chimera must abandon its search for Lt. Exler when it is diverted to the Glaminfo, a spacegoing entertainment oasis, to rendezvous with a Ferengi transport. And while Exler and Tyrellian engage in a life-and-death struggle with the Klingon Jenneth, Captain Britarra and the Solar Winds patiently lie in wait…


Jack Ward & Shannon Hilchie Presents

The Sonic Society:

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse – “The Time Machine”

July 6, 2010

Sharon Bee presents a new theme for Sonic Summerstock Playhouse as the summer season begins with a classic “Escape”- “The Time Machine” a reproduction produced by the amazing folks at Broken Sea Productions and guest starring the hilarious John Bell from Bell’s in the Batfry.


Wheeality Productions Presents

The Deadeye Kid: “Haunting Melody” Part 5 of 5

July 6, 2010

Lem sorts out the tangled web at the Cartland ranch, setting all the parties straight, and a strange proposal must be answered.


Jason Hall and Craig Baird Presents

You’ve Got Dead On You:

Episode 14 – “Umbrellas No Longer Needed”

July 6, 2010

After coming across The Tourist once more, we delve away from our Dukes of Dead and learn how things came about for The Tourist during the zombie apocalypse. What trouble has he found and gotten into? All we can say is that this episode is a very revealing one, so tune in!

Now Playing… July 5, 2010

New Audio This Week…

The Chatterbox Audio Theater springs forth “The Shepard of Clouds”, while Misfits Audio sets out to Havana to solve “The Mystery of Mary K” and arrives “Just In Time” with a new episode of Strange Stories! Dead Weasel Studio passes the time between Children of the Gods Chapter 10 and 11 with a minisode, in the “Interim”, and Kung Fu Action Theatre has another “Showdown” in store for Book Two of Twin Stars! Pendant Audio’s Brassy Battalion reveals the softer side of “The Ardency of Benedikt Adarchenko” while the gang at the Kingery kicks off season four and discovers that “Blood is Thicker Than Water”! Then get ready to have an explosive 4th of July, with Texas Radio Theatre’s “Rod Renegade: Chaos For Hire”! Meanwhile, sins are remembered in HG World when someone discovers that, “In Her Glass Was a Bleeding Man”! Finally, Bell’s In The The Batfry returns and riffs on a Dark Fantasy while Radio Drama Revival Introduces us to “Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous” and premieres “The Troll of Stony Brook” and Precarious Audio bakes everyone a few “Pies”!

And Its All… Now Playing!


Chatterbox Audio Theater Presents

“The Shepard of Clouds”

July 5, 2010

The hapless Giles stumbles onto the home of the Shepherd of Clouds, who is responsible for creating and controlling the weather. The powerful Shepherd decides to keep Giles as his servant. Will Giles be able to escape in time to save his wife and his village from an invading army? This interactive show was performed live at the Memphis Children’s Theatre Festival on May 29, 2010.


Misfits Audio Productions Presents

Misfit Monday

July 5, 2010

Strange Stories: Episode 7 – “Just In Time”

Two men discover that their business – changing the timeline for their clients – can have disastrous effects.

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 16 – “The Mystery of Mary K”

When taking Sailor on a shopping trip, the intrepid duo discovers a boat adrift– her crew riddled with Tommy gun holes. When they bring the matter up to the police, the inspector doesn’t seem to care.


John Bell Presents

Bell’s In The Batfry – Episode 108

July 4, 2010

We return from visiting the Sonic Society and give a lift to respected British voice talent, David (Dr. Who) Ault. Then the Batfry gang listens to an episode of Dark Fantasy from 1942!  Thrills, chills, excitement, and sparkling dialog, this episode does NOT have.  So we must make commentary.


Pendant Audio Presents

The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater:

Episode 46 – “The Ardency of Benedikt Adarchenko”

July 4, 2010

Benedikt shoots for the moon in a deadly dogfight!


Dead Weasel Studio Presents

Children of the Gods: Chapter 10-11 “Interim” (Minisode 1)

July 4, 2010

Presenting the first installment of our new mini episodes!
These “mini-sodes” cover minor events between chapters, and also serve as CMack’s “podium” updates.


Texas Radio Theatre Company Presents

Rod Renegade: Chaos For Hire (Part 2)

July 4, 2010

Rod Renegade is a special agent for the department of Homeland Security. Severely wounded in Afghanistan, he was fitted with a special computerized brain implant called “SIS” which restores his body to slightly better than normal.  SIS is also a complete artificial intelligence, communications and data bank that he can talk to mentally, but several ‘bugs’ haven’t been worked out.  During one of Rod’s test he meets Taipan, an international criminal who’s soon to become Rod’s greatest nemesis.

In part two – listen for Drew Hampton’s juicy performance of Spyder – they psychotic resident of what he calls “Spyder Island”


3015 North Studios Presents

HG World: Season 1 Episode 2

– “In Her Glass Was A Bleeding Man”

July 2, 2010

The mystery of HG World is explored and the world outside shrinks ever smaller as sins return to haunt the Wishwell Church.


Pendant Audio Presents

The Kingery: Season 4 Episode 1 –

“Blood Is Thicker Than Water”

July 2, 2010

Tommy takes control, Devi’s past is laid bare, and Statton reveals his hand!


Kung Fu Action Theatre Presents

Twin Stars: Book Two,

Episode 10 – “Showdown” (Part 2)

July 2, 2010

Ping-An’s forces fight for survival under the relentless onslaught of the Pacification Fleet- the last line of defence for the inhabitants of the helpless Hannah’s World.


Fred Greenhalgh Presents

Radio Drama Revival: Episode 180 –

“Final Rune’s Stony Troll and ZBS’s Brass Fantabulous”

July 2, 2010

“Well, call it a festival of short-form audio fiction. This week we hear the first serialized episode of FinalRune’s new tale, The Troll of Stony Brook, an exciting completely original audio drama that makes it out to the world and to your ears first. Stay tuned all this month for additional episodes of the new show, or head to FinalRune to purchase the whole show now.

We follow up with two parts of ZBS’ steamy new show, Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous, which you saw earlier in the YouTube form and with a really bad ass mug.

So, let’s enjoy this excellent work. Just don’t ask me about the mysterious latin music in the background.”


Precarious Audio Presents


July 2, 2010

Blessed are the meek … blessed are they who mourn … blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice … blessed, indeed, are those who survive the malevolent workings of “The Tractor Triangle” – and continue to thrive across the upper Midwest in tiny and time-worn towns.  Perhaps something twisted a la mode is in order.  Tonight the second episode in our series – this one from Endless Travails, Iowa:  ”Pies”.

Press Release: BrokenSea Audio Productions Gains Mat Nastos For Dr. Who!

July 3, 2010

On July 1, 2010 Paul Mannering of BrokenSea Audio Productions released the following statement:

“BrokenSea Audio Productions are pleased to announce that Mat Nastos is joining the creative team as a contributing writer for their 2011 Doctor Who season. With a full episode line up of 13 shows BrokenSea has a lot of material to write building into a complex series arc that will intrigue and entertain fans.

Mat has joined BrokenSea’s writing team after discovering their Doctor Who series online and being impressed by the writing, production and Mark Kalita’s performances as the iconic Doctor.

Mat Nastos has been a professional creator for more than 15 years now.  His work has appeared in 27 countries and been printed in 9 languages, and has been commissioned by everyone from Marvel and DC Comics, to Disney and the Sci Fi Channel, and from Playboy to Highlights for Kids.  In addition to comics (Big Book of Urban Legends, Cadre, ElfQuest), Mat has worked on multiple top tier videogame titles (Throne of Darkness, Barbie Super Sports), role playing games and on approximately 100 films and more than 300 television episodes as a storyboard artist, writer and director.

He has just finished up a run for Disney TVA on a show called Phineas & Ferb as a writer and segment director.”

Congratulations to the entire BrokenSea team, I’m sure fans will have a lot to look forward to in the coming season!

Special Report: The 2009 Mark Time and Ogle Award Winners!

July 1, 2010
By Dex Trenchcoat

This years winners are a diverse group of talented individuals, two of whom have won Mark Time or Ogle Awards previously. Also this year, in a first for the Mark Time Awards, a production from  Australia has been picked as a winner! Julie Hoverson, producer of 19 Nocturne Boulevard has won the Mark Time Gold Award for a second year in a row with her production, “The Rookie“. In their first appearance, Tom Hogan and Hamish Sinclair of, the producers of Henry Current; Space DJ (and The Broadcast of Doom) took the Mark Time Silver Award home, all the way to Australia! In their first appearance at the Ogles Kc Wayland and Shane Salk, took home the Ogle Gold Award for their production of “We’re Alive, Chapter 10“, and former 2004 winner Jeffery Adams returns again this year for Icebox Radio Theater’s production, “The Thing On The Ice” which won Ogle Silver.

Congratulations To All The Winners for 2009!

If your looking for outstanding audio drama, look no further than the Mark Time/Ogle Awards…


2009 Mark Time Gold Award Winner

19 Nocturne Boulevard: “The Rookie”

Written & Produced by Julie Hoverson
Seattle, WA

This is the second  Mark Time Gold Award for Julie Hoverson, who first won for
19 Nocturne Boulevard: “The Outpost” just last year in 2008.

2009 Mark Time Silver Award Winner

“Henry Current; Space DJ

(and The Broadcast of Doom)”

Written & Produced by
Tom Hogan & Hamish Sinclair
New South Wales, Australia

In a first for the Mark Time Awards, this winning production is from Australia!

2009 Ogle Gold Award Winner

“We’re Alive”: Chapter 10

Written by Kc Wayland
Produced by Kc Wayland & Shane Salk
Los Angeles, CA

“We’re Alive” has topped the Zune charts and is now racking up awards, with a Communicator Award and a Parsec Nomination in addition to their Ogle Award!

2009 Ogle Silver Award Winner

Icebox Radio Theater Presents

“The Thing On The Ice”

Written & Produced by Jeffrey Adams
Icebox Radio Theater
International Falls, MN

This is the second win for Jeffrey Adams and Icebox Radio Theater
who took home The Gold Mark Time Award in 2004 for the production


The 2009 Mark Time and Ogle awards are going to be presented at CONvergence 2010 which is taking place right now in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The first Mark Time Awards were handed out fourteen years ago, and have become a showcase of some of the best audio dramas being made today. The Mark Time Awards began in 1996 and are presented by The American Society For Science Fiction Audio. The first Mark Time winners were The Apotheosis Saga, which took home the Gold Award, While The Island of Doctor Moreau by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, won the first Silver Award.

For the last fourteen years the Mark Time and Ogle Awards have become unique for many reasons; not the least of which is they are one of the few awards strictly for audio drama and there are few barriers to entry into this long running competition. The Mark Time Awards are named after David Ossman’s radio character “Mark Time”, and represent excellence in Science Fiction audio production. The Ogle Awards, are named after Charles Ogle the actor who played Frankenstein’s Monster in Thomas Edison’s 1910 silent film classic and represent excellence in Horror and Fantasy audio production.

Producers and fans of modern audio drama have been grateful to the founders and organizers of the Mark Time and Ogle Awards, who have provided a way to acknowledge contributions to modern audio drama, for twelve years running. The founders and organizers of these awards have also provided modern audio drama a place to shine and grow over the years, giving may fine productions, a voice and platform they would not otherwise have.


Find out more about the Mark Time Awards HERE.