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Now Playing… July 1, 2010

New Audio this week, gathered together for you by The Listening Post…

BrokenSea Audio kicks off summer with 5 new episodes for New Audio Thursday when Jake Sampson faces off against the Gods of War, while Dr. Who heads “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”, Twilight Theater peers into “The Cloud”, OTR Swag Cast heads out on Safari, and even Feedback returns in “An Introduction”! Decoder Ring Theatre mixes it up with an all new version of “The Beefsteak Botheration” while the Wireless Theatre Company hails a “GalaxiCab”! Jay and Craig exclaim “Holey Hockey Socks and New Axe-Holes”, when they meet up with an old friend in Episode 13 of “You’ve Got Dead On You”!

And Its All… Now Playing!


The Wireless Theatre Company Presents


June 1, 2010

Space. The year 2168. Galaxicab 3, an interstellar taxi, is on route to pick up the most famous singer in the galaxy. It’s only crew – a Captain, his co-pilot and a galactic stewardess with three arms. Let’s hope there isn’t a psychopathic serial killer on the loose …


Decoder Ring Theatre Presents

Play It Again! – “The Beefsteak Botheration!”

July 1, 2010

Fun in the sun as we play “what might have been” with a favorite episode of Black Jack Justice, this time featuring the dream team of Freddie the Finger and the Flying Squirrel…. Yes folks, its Peter Nicol as Jack and Clarissa Dernederlanden as Trixie Dixon, girl detective, so buckle up as we…. Play It Again!


BrokenSea Audio Productions Presents

New Audio Thursday

July 1, 2010

Jake Sampson and The Gods of War

In this action packed episode, our intrepid adventurer Jake Sampson and his stalwart companions Texas Holdum and Lucy Carter, discover that life and death are not always what they seem and that reality and fantasy can merge into one when wars beckon and the Angel of Death is on the rise.

Feedback: Tech Support Conversations – “An Introduction”

Outsource has a new project for Tech Support….as if their lives weren’t hectic enough!

OTR Swag Cast: Season 2 Episode 21

Doc, Jack and Reggie are back again with the Dead STILL needing burying in Arizona!
AND…. Emma and John pop in with a NEW adventure- so Stop me if you’ve heard this One!!


Of Curses and Tombs, Living Mummies and Elephant Graveyards, get set as we travel forth into PULPY ADVENTURE from the OTR Vault’s of: Afraid of the Dark <1940’s>, The Creaking Door <1950’s> and the World Adventurer’s Club <1932>!

Doctor Who: Season 3 Episode 5 –

“East of the Sun, West of the Moon”

“When The Doctor joins forces with a ruthless bounty hunter to bring a wanted murderer to justice the past, present and future collide in a way that even The Doctor never expected…”

Twilight Theatre:

“The Cloud”

On the edge of the galaxy the crew of the starship Centurion discover the stars are going out. With the entire Universe under threat they race to discover the secret of the cloud…


Jason Hall and Craig Baird Present

You’ve Got Dead On You: Episode 13 –

“Holey Hockey Socks and New Axe-Holes”

June 29, 2010

After destroying several zombies in their path, the couples move forward with new confidence and a bit of cockiness as they continue their quest. In this episode, not only do we have a special guest in the intro and outro, but a character from the past makes an appearance!


Coming Attractions… June 21, 2010

For  your listening pleasure, here’s a small gathering of upcoming productions for your auditory enjoyment… its time to roll those Coming Attractions!


BrokenSea Audio Productions Presents

The Official Trailer For

Jake Sampson and the Gods of War

Target release date for episode #1:

July 1, 2010!


No Line Radio Presents

The Official Trailer for

Star Wars Marvels: Fight or Flight

Chapter 3 of the Star Hopper Trilogy

Coming Soon From No Line Radio!


An Art Lawful Productions Presents

The Official Teaser For

The Briar and The Rose

In the most despoiled urban slumland in the country, a morose, oddball detective is set on the trail of a murderer with seemingly no motive nor logical modus operandi. Walk the pee-stained beat in Bricktown this September when An Art Lawful Productions presents “The Briar and The Rose.”

(Featuring “Night on the Docks” by Kevin MacLeod.)

Warning: Explicit and graphic content. Listener discretion advised.

Coming September 2010!