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Now Playing… June 21, 2010

This Week…

Icebox Radio Theater kicks off its summer podcast season with a special version of the classic tale “3 Skeleton Key” while The Post Meridian Radio Players pull off “The Mask of Innana” and premiere their latest mini-series! Texas Radio Theatre unleashes a schlock cinema “Virus”! Misfits Audio dares to open “The Box” on Miranda: Survivor’s Story, then its another Bold Venture for Bogart and Bacall as Sailor is “Framed for Treason… and Murder” on Radio Classics Restored! Wayland Productions Re-Releases two episodes of “We’re Alive” and walks down “The Road  to Living Death” once again! Circus 13 Productions turns another page of the Wolfman Journals and opens “Goblin Gate”! Pendant Audio crosses “The Line” and discovers “Hidden Messages” Once Upon a Time in Vegas! Darker Projects helps the Byron Chronicles introduce us to “Sam” while Radio Drama Revival comes down with a case of “Collector’s Fever” and Larisa Naples introduces us to “The Realtor and the CEO”!

And Its All… Now Playing!


Icebox Radio Theater Presents

“3 Skeleton Key” In “Compare-O-Rama”!

June 21, 2010

In 2007, the Icebox Radio Theater presented an old time radio recreation at it’s Halloween show of ‘3 Skeleton Key’, a classic episode of ‘Escape’ that originally aired in 1948 starring Vincent Price.  In the story, three lighthouse keepers in tropical Guinea find their lighthouse besieged by millions of starving rats that have washed up on their tiny key (or quay) from an abandoned ship.

In Compare-O-Rama, the original radio play is spliced together with the IBRT recreation, telling the whole story by switching back and forth between versions, giving listeners a chance to hear differences in performances, sound effects, and music. Summer kicks off at the Icebox Radio Podcast!


Texas Radio Theatre Presents

Son of Schlock Audio Theatre: Virus

June 21, 2010

This is the first step alien love child (son) of Schlock Audio Theatre.  The film we poke fun at is Kinji Kukasaku’s VIRUS, a dreadfully bleak film due to its being cut to ribbons for an international audience.  Virus was made in 1980 and originally starred Masao Kusakari, George Kennedy, Robert Vaughn, Chuck Connors, Olivia Hussey, Edward James Olmos, Ken Ogata, Sonny Chiba and Glenn Ford.


The Post Meridian Radio Players Present

The Mask of Inanna

Episode 1:

Pilot Pilot Burning Bright

June 21, 2010

In which down-and-out 1950′s radio host Leonard Allen is given a second chance in 2008, and the mystery of his horror show begins anew.

This episode’s After Dark tale: “By the Brake Lights’ Red Glare


Misfits Audio Presents

Misfit Monday June 21, 2010

Miranda: Survivor’s Story

Episode 29: “The Box”

Anoria finds her mental abilities are still growing, when she begins seeing flashes of memories from Isibo, the newcomer to the crew, who has her own secrets.

Radio Classics Restored

Bold Venture: Episode 14 –

“Sailor Framed for Treason… and Murder”

The police inspector informs Sailor that he has found incriminating evidence against her– she has 24 hours to leave Havana or be forced out. A friend of Shannon offers to help, but can he trust her?


Circus 13 Productions Presents

The Wolfman Journals: Episode 2 – “Goblin Gate”

June 21, 2010

Jacob’s father Samuel stayed behind to fight a mountain troll and three harpies to allow Jacob time to get away. When Jacob returns with help, they find Samuel gone. As they follow his trail, it leads to a Goblin Gate, an entrance into the Shadow Realm. What will they find on the other side? Find out in The Wolfman Journals part 2: Goblin Gate!


Wayland Productions Presents

A Special Re-Release of

“We’re Alive – A Story of Survival”

Chapter 9 – “The Road to Living Death” Part 1 & 2

June 21. 2010

Chapter 9, Parts 1 and 2 have been re-released with the role of Skittles recast. The role of Skittles will now be performed by Bob Bergen. You might recognize him from his various other roles, including the most notable, the Voice of Porky Pig.


Larisa Naples Presents

The Realtor & the CEO

June 21, 2010

Just in time for summer vacation: a Silicon Valley spooky story for geeks of all persuasions. Twelve delicious minutes of ghosts, crazies, and blood-curdling screams — as cheesy as it comes. Everything you need for your summertime car-trip or campfire entertainment. So, sit back and relax, close your eyes, and imagine…


Pendant Audio Presents

The Line:

Season 1 Episode 3 – “Latera”

June 21, 2010

Kitty pushes fate and Joe gets a brutal revelation!


Darker Projects Presents

The Byron Chronicles:

Season 3 Episode 2 – “Sam”

June 19, 2010

“I’m going to eat you… eat your pretty face!”


Radio Drama Revival Presents

Radio Drama Revival: Episode 178 –

“Collectors Fever” and a Chat with Yuri Rasovski

June 18, 2010

This week we wrap up our focus on Yuri Rasovsky, one of audio drama’s true greats who has been so kind as to let us re-broadcast pristine stereo recordings of his Beyond 2000 series originally recorded for NPR.

Today we feature two last bits – “Collector’s Fever” by Roger Zelazny and “And Miles to Go before I Sleep” by William F. Nolan.

Followed by an interview with Yuri himself where we talk about his more recent work in noir audio drama, an exciting new project featuring Zorro, and reflections on 40 years in audio.


Pendant Audio Presents

Once Upon A Time In Vegas:

Chapter 31 – Hidden Messages

June 18, 2010

Todd runs into Princess, the past haunts Robert and Abby and Jeff gets a spirited ultimatum!