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Special Report: The 2009 Mark Time and Ogle Award Winners!

July 1, 2010
By Dex Trenchcoat

This years winners are a diverse group of talented individuals, two of whom have won Mark Time or Ogle Awards previously. Also this year, in a first for the Mark Time Awards, a production from  Australia has been picked as a winner! Julie Hoverson, producer of 19 Nocturne Boulevard has won the Mark Time Gold Award for a second year in a row with her production, “The Rookie“. In their first appearance, Tom Hogan and Hamish Sinclair of nerdsandwhey.com, the producers of Henry Current; Space DJ (and The Broadcast of Doom) took the Mark Time Silver Award home, all the way to Australia! In their first appearance at the Ogles Kc Wayland and Shane Salk, took home the Ogle Gold Award for their production of “We’re Alive, Chapter 10“, and former 2004 winner Jeffery Adams returns again this year for Icebox Radio Theater’s production, “The Thing On The Ice” which won Ogle Silver.

Congratulations To All The Winners for 2009!

If your looking for outstanding audio drama, look no further than the Mark Time/Ogle Awards…


2009 Mark Time Gold Award Winner

19 Nocturne Boulevard: “The Rookie”

Written & Produced by Julie Hoverson
Seattle, WA

This is the second  Mark Time Gold Award for Julie Hoverson, who first won for
19 Nocturne Boulevard: “The Outpost” just last year in 2008.

2009 Mark Time Silver Award Winner

“Henry Current; Space DJ

(and The Broadcast of Doom)”

Written & Produced by
Tom Hogan & Hamish Sinclair
New South Wales, Australia

In a first for the Mark Time Awards, this winning production is from Australia!

2009 Ogle Gold Award Winner

“We’re Alive”: Chapter 10

Written by Kc Wayland
Produced by Kc Wayland & Shane Salk
Los Angeles, CA

“We’re Alive” has topped the Zune charts and is now racking up awards, with a Communicator Award and a Parsec Nomination in addition to their Ogle Award!

2009 Ogle Silver Award Winner

Icebox Radio Theater Presents

“The Thing On The Ice”

Written & Produced by Jeffrey Adams
Icebox Radio Theater
International Falls, MN

This is the second win for Jeffrey Adams and Icebox Radio Theater
who took home The Gold Mark Time Award in 2004 for the production


The 2009 Mark Time and Ogle awards are going to be presented at CONvergence 2010 which is taking place right now in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The first Mark Time Awards were handed out fourteen years ago, and have become a showcase of some of the best audio dramas being made today. The Mark Time Awards began in 1996 and are presented by The American Society For Science Fiction Audio. The first Mark Time winners were The Apotheosis Saga, which took home the Gold Award, While The Island of Doctor Moreau by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, won the first Silver Award.

For the last fourteen years the Mark Time and Ogle Awards have become unique for many reasons; not the least of which is they are one of the few awards strictly for audio drama and there are few barriers to entry into this long running competition. The Mark Time Awards are named after David Ossman’s radio character “Mark Time”, and represent excellence in Science Fiction audio production. The Ogle Awards, are named after Charles Ogle the actor who played Frankenstein’s Monster in Thomas Edison’s 1910 silent film classic and represent excellence in Horror and Fantasy audio production.

Producers and fans of modern audio drama have been grateful to the founders and organizers of the Mark Time and Ogle Awards, who have provided a way to acknowledge contributions to modern audio drama, for twelve years running. The founders and organizers of these awards have also provided modern audio drama a place to shine and grow over the years, giving may fine productions, a voice and platform they would not otherwise have.


Find out more about the Mark Time Awards HERE.