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Coming Attractions August 2, 2010

Be sure to check out these upcoming shows…

Habit Forming Films Presents

The Official Trailer For

Wormwood: Revelations

The End Approaches on August 11, 2010!


Slipgate Nine Entertainment Presents

A Trailer for

Edict Zero

This clip features a supporting character, John Bradoch, a tactical unit commander who has just arrived with his team to a crime scene, which is being secured by the city police. The character voices you’ll hear are performed by Jack Kincaid and James Keller.

Edict Zero – FIS arrives September 9, 2010!


Giant Gnome Productions Presents

The Official Trailer for

“Of Kings and Time Travelers”

Giant Gnome Production’s is proud to present its second original science fiction production. Planned as a monthly series, “OF KINGS AND TIME TRAVELER’S” will take listeners from the farthest reaches of the future to the distant past.  Focusing in on the characters of four friends: Rexx, Getlingsworth [real name: Gaylord Reynolds], Tobias Harold, and Christopher Calvin, who are fresh out of the Temporal Academy, “OF KINGS AND TIME TRAVELER’S” will depict a future, present, and past like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


An Art Lawful Productions Presents

The Official Teaser For

The Briar and The Rose

In the most despoiled urban slumland in the country, a morose, oddball detective is set on the trail of a murderer with seemingly no motive nor logical modus operandi. Walk the pee-stained beat in Bricktown this September when An Art Lawful Productions presents “The Briar and The Rose.”

(Featuring “Night on the Docks” by Kevin MacLeod.)

Warning: Explicit and graphic content. Listener discretion advised

Coming September 2010!


Stay tuned for more



Can Podcasting Speak For Radio Drama?

July 19, 2010

By Dex Trenchcoat

The focus of the Listening Post has always been modern audio drama podcasts. However, podcasts are far from the only delivery method for audio drama. On the internet there are hundreds of streaming radio stations, some of which carry audio drama all the time, (such as Sound Stages Radio) and sometimes streaming stations only feature certain shows or certain time slots for audio drama. For example Living Dead Media Radio, plays the newest episode of “You’ve Dead On You” one day before its made available for podcast. In another example, Voices In The Wind Audio Theater was able to get their production, “Running To Detroit” aired on both broadcast and streaming radio from Country 92.9 just this past Saturday. Even with all these great listening options, finding the time to listen to a show during a particular time slot can make audio drama a challenge in our increasingly “on the go” world. While you can find audio drama in the United States on satellite radio or even on NPR from time to time, exposing the general public to audio drama, just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

The BBC and Broadcast Radio Drama

While broadcast radio drama may be rare as hens teeth in the United States, in other countries it can be quite common and popular. In the UK for example, you can still find actual honest-to-goodness radio drama; often in prime time and sometimes with A-List talent such as Sir Ian McKellen, (of X-Men and Lord of the Rings fame) who starred in an audio adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger which BBC 4 aired earlier this year. One would think in an environment with big name talent and the financial backing of the BBC, it would be easy to to keep radio drama on the air. But sadly, the BBC recently announced plans to drop its Friday Play time slot. The company has stated that radio drama will remain a part of the BBC for some time to come, though one does have to wonder how long it will be before  further cuts are made. In addition to the cut backs it was also announced that the Drama department was being merged with the Documentary department, a move that some feel could potentially destroy radio drama at the BBC, in the long term. On June 20th The Guardian published an article which offered a glimpse into the contributions the BBC has made to radio drama:

Yes, the BBC is still by far the most prolific drama broadcaster in the world, airing 649 hours this year (including readings), with a total of 200 single plays. And yes, the Friday Play represents just 3% of this and was the least popular slot (although many would argue that the quality was more consistent than that of the Afternoon Plays). Nevertheless, it remains a loss for radio drama, not a gain.

While it would be easy to think “This is great, here’s an opportunity for independent podcasters to fill the void and continue to grow“! As long time followers of audio drama can attest, and the Guardian article  goes on to point out, “survival is not the same as growth”. In my opinion, whatever growth podcasters of the medium experienced, it would probably not last long without the type of exposure and growth mainstream radio (broadcast in any country) can give to audio drama.

So is radio drama dying, as Equity warned us? Not yet, not while the BBC still exists. But survival is not the same as growth, and the medium needs to make better use of digital technology. Videos, DVDs and hard-disc recording have fundamentally altered the way people consume television, especially drama. Radio plays remain very difficult to enjoy in the same way. The iPlayer helps a little, but for a limited period“.

The Spotlight on Podcasting

One of the big strengths of the podcasting format is being able to download podcasts to an ultra-portable mp3 player, and listen to shows anytime, just about anywhere. As I understand it, the BBC has begun to podcast “The Archers” a popular audio soap opera, so why not podcast other productions once they’ve aired, as well? The same article went on to point out some new sources of listening material that do use podcasting as their delivery method. Regular readers of The Listening Post will find some very familiar names here:

By far the busiest group of original audio dramatists, however, are the small-scale podcasters. For the most part, this means science fiction, fantasy and mystery stories – try the Pendant Productions website (pendantaudio.com). For a polished zombie drama podcast go to zombiepodcast.com. Mystery stories can be heard at olinemysteries.com and wormwoodshow.com. One well-regarded (and British) ghost story series from 2006 is still available at paranormalists.co.uk. You can find well-packaged guides to what else is out there at audiodramareview.blogspot.com and radiodramarevival.com. And it’s all free.

The Possible Effects

Its great to see so many audio drama groups and people mentioned all at once, the extra publicity should help boost download numbers if nothing else. Reaction to the closure of the Friday Play was so strong that journalists, writers and fans alike began a huge outcry against the move. One such fan is R Frank Wilson who started a Facebook group called “Speak Up For Radio Drama Now!” which is well over one thousand members strong. R Frank Wilson’s group has begun recommending alternatives to the BBC’s well known works. In an encouraging move filled with potential for podcasters, many of Speak Up For Radio Drama Now’s recommendations come from  independent podcasts such as the award winning Icebox Radio Theater and 19 Nocturne Boulevard, among others.

What the ultimate effect of all this will be (assuming the BBC actually goes through with its plans to  merge departments and cut the Friday Play) is difficult for a humble blogger like me to say. After all, I have little knowledge of the BBC or its inner workings. But I think  this is a story that anyone with an interest in audio drama should at least take note of, and not just for the recognition to independent podcasters that has come from from the mainstream press, either.

I am very interested to hear what others have to say about this subject. Where do our readers think all this could be headed?

In The News… June 10, 2010

Misfits Audio Impresses The Press!

May 23, 2010

Captain John Tadrzak, CEO of Misfits Audio was recently interviewed by the mainstream news site The First Arkansas News. The article was not only about Captain John and the Misfits but also briefly touched  upon the state of modern audio theater. Its wonderful to see the hard working Misfits get some much deserved mainstream attention. This coverage along with Fred Greenhalgh’s now infamous write up in The Wall Street Journal is a sign that more folks are  slowly re-discovering audio drama in America. Congratulations to everyone at Misfits Audio. If you haven’t heard any of The Misfits work, like original series such as Jim Nolan Private Eye,  the Strange Stories anthology series, and old time radio recreations such as The Lone Ranger and Classic Radio Restored, which remasters and cleans up the audio of old radio shows. Check them out today and hear what all the talk is about!


William Shatner To Make TekWar Audio Drama?

May 24, 2010

A big thank you goes out to Fred Greenhalgh of Radio Drama Revival for pointing this story out to us.

William Shatner recently expressed a desire  to make an Audio Drama out of his TekWar Series during an interview at a recent Anaheim Comic-Con, according to The Los Angeles Times. Mr. Shatner is no stranger to audio drama himself, and is noted for performing in the Alien Voices project, which dramatized great works of science fiction such as H.G. Wells “The First Men on the Moon” and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World” along with other Star Trek veterans such as Leonard Nimoy and John De Lancie.

The idea of an American  celebrity making a professional audio drama is quite appealing and it wouldn’t be  the first time either. Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 fame went on to star as Anne Manx, a sci-fi audio drama series produced by the Radio Repertory Company of America. If William Shatner manages to get Tek War  produced as an audio drama series either on CD or mp3 it would be great, but even more appealing would be hearing this on satellite radio because of its  huge listener base. Getting TekWar on the airwaves would be great for the medium as a whole and raise the general public’s awareness that audio drama is alive  in the modern age.


We’re Alive Hits #1 on Zune &

The Leviathan Chronicles Hits #11 on iTunes

May 28, 2010

Christof Laputka’s The Leviathan Chronicles an epic sci-fi story of immortality and freedom has climbed its way to #11 in the Literature Podcasting Section of iTunes, while “We’re Alive – A Story of Survival” in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse continues to skyrocket toward success, and is now the #1 download  in the Entertainment/Everything Else category of the Zune Marketplace! This demonstrates the current popularity not just of these two shows, but of  audio drama in general. One thing is for certain, Fans are in for a treat as we watch these two shows climb the charts and break records…


The Makers of Warp’d Space Warp into Audio Stories

June 5, 2010

Kimberly Poole founder of Hole With A Rock Around It Productions and creator of the sci-fi series Warp’d Space, entered the dramatized short story/audiobook arena and premiered Warp’d Stories. This irregularly scheduled series will consist of dramatized short stories. Warp’d Stories will not be a regular part  of the schedule. Instead, it will be  used to fill in the gaps of the production schedule for Warp’d Space.

The first short story in the series is “The Yillian Way” by Keith Laumer which  is part of Project Guttenberg, and in the public domain.


Habit Forming Films Is Heading Back To Wormwood!

June 7, 2010

Habit Forming Films, the producers of Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery recently announced on their Facebook page that writing has resumed on the final episodes of their show. Wormwood had been on Hiatus since the completion of their “Five Fingers Of Glory” Short Stories which chronicled much of the backstory of Wormwood. This last phase of Wormwood’s third and final season will consist of eight episodes and is being called Wormwood: Revelation. Could this mean that the end is fast approaching for this popular mystery series?… Fans will have to wait and find out.